百合界のカリスマ by yuna on pixiv

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Well, this is embarrassing

Left: Adrianne Palicki promo shot for NBC’s Wonder Woman.

Right: Kimberly Kane promo shot for ‘Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody’.

….is it just me or does the porno version outfit not only look WAY BETTER crafted and prettier, the actress also has more muscles, a nicer fitting chest piece and a waaay more fitting body type and skin tone. 

Also the porno version doesn’t look more “feminine”/more sexy whatever.


the “official” one looks like a really bad Halloween costume

I mean fuck the porno one has bigger wrist cuff I REPEATE: BIGGER WRIST CUFFS PORNO WOMAN IS BETTER DRESSED TO KICK ASS *cries*

can someone contact the designer of the porno 

clearly he/she knows how a womans body works.

It’s embarrassing when the official looks a like a porn and the porn looks like the official thing.

The thing that makes me stunned the most is that even the boobs of the porn version are cupped and held in better by her clothing than those of the official thing…

The moment a porn movie treats the boobs of a woman with more subtlety than a big name production, some staff changes are in order.

What both fascinates and disturbs me the most about these is the body language and facial expression.

The “official” TV version looks passive, slightly confused, her pose is sort of ambiguous and floppy. She’s waiting for the viewer to do something before she reacts. The XXX version looks determined and fierce, and is taking literally 0% of your shit.

One of these Wonder Women looks like a sex toy, and it’s not the pornographic one.

Not only does the NBC promo look passive the stance is clearly to jut the breasts outward, whereas the porn promo looks like a battle ready stance. What is this?

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Direwolves or Dragons? (x)

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Left is the new Wonder Woman. Being deemed still too skinny and frail.
Right is Kacy Catanzaro, the first female to advance to the finals of American Ninja. Considered strong and inspiring to female athletes.
Stop assuming someone is weak based off your closed minded ignorant ideals.


I hadn’t really considered this. Interesting point!

I’m a yes and no on this. Some people are taking the tact: “oh she’s too tiny to be strong,” and yeah… that’s just not true.

Others, however, are making the point that being tall and more largely, muscularly built is a characteristic of Wonder Woman’s they prefer and appreciate that has been overlooked in favor of Hollywood’s standards of beauty: petite delicateness for females. And I get that too. 

I’m a pretty pocket-sized Wonder Woman myself and those of you who follow me know how riled up I get when people *usually men* think I’m not physically strong and capable, but that doesn’t mean I don’t really appreciate the more brawny and “Amazonian” physique of Wonder Woman that Gal Gadot just doesn’t match up to. 

So yes and no. Women of all sizes can be strong. Especially when you’re talking Wonder Women.

I do still wish that they’d made Gina Torres Wonder Woman though… or someone more of her physique. 

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based on their banter. heee 8DDDD

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Wally - Flash

New52 Flash - Barry Allen

Green Lantern -Hal Jordan

Something I was working on lately, because I never have enough bookmarks. I’m not doing things like that often, so it’s far from perfect (also you might have noticed I use scissors about as well as six-year-old).

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part of Kate Winslet’s Titanic screen test [x]

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i’ve always wanted to draw these two..

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Quick and simple lifehacks.

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